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Sizzling Digital is a full service B2B digital marketing agency focused on Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Prospect Nurturing. We follow a multichannel approach that integrates Targeted Email Outreach, SEO, PPC and Social Media, among other strategies. We also create beautifully-fast, mobile-friendly websites and applications.

Everybody Says They Are Different.

We Care More About Being Better.

Most digital marketing agencies focus on getting you more traffic, which is awesome, but what do those prospects do once they get to your website?

SEO, PPC and Social Media are extremely important, but they're not silver bullets for acquiring more customers. They're simply part of the required infrastructure to be a legitimate presence online.

Great marketing is starting with a tangible, monetary goal and reverse engineering the efforts necessary to make that goal happen.

Great marketing overlaps sales and takes your prospects beyond their introduction to you, all the way through the purchase.

Most businesses don't have the luxury of just experimenting to see what happens. Ours doesn't either.

If you wanted to market your brick-and-mortar store you wouldn't think, "I don't get it, we have a door for customers to come in, a display window, a cash register and a sign out front. We're on a highly trafficked street and very visible... Why is our business not growing?"

You wouldn't think that because you know those things aren't 'marketing'. They are just part of the necessary infrastructure for your store to have a presence in the neighborhood, right?

In the same way, the Internet is like a neighborhood, and being visible on Google, putting ads in front of prospects and having a presence on social media alone aren't 'marketing'. Those things just get you a seat at the table.

This is why we proactively prospect for your ideal (human) leads, establish you as a trusted authority and build relationships that lead to sales appointments.

Being visible is not enough. This is why, if you’ve bounced from one marketing agency to another, you’ve probably seen the same results over and over. It's also why we proactively prospect for your ideal (human) leads, establish you as a trusted authority and build relationships that lead to sales appointments.

What We Do

At Sizzling Digital we are experts at B2B Lead Generation and Prospect Nurturing, SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing, with hundreds of campaigns under our belt and tons of sales appointments created. We use a holistic set of strategies to find highly targeted leads and connect you with them across multiple channels, then we continue to nurture them to sales appointments.

We Focus On Sales Appointments

At the same time we're reaching out directly to hyper-targeted prospects, we're also driving valuable traffic to your website. All marketing agencies work on driving traffic to your website, but this is where most of them stop. At Sizzling Digital, website traffic is only part of the process. It's what prospects do when they get to your website that matters, and without a focus on Conversion, it's like throwing golf balls at a chain link fence. A few might get captured, but most of them will escape through and be lost.

Normal Conversion

Is your website less like a funnel and more like a sieve? That stinks.

Only 1-2% of website visitors become leads?!?

On average, only 1-2% of website visitors take an action and leave their contact info to become a lead, so here’s a good question to ask yourself: When was the last time your marketing team or digital agency made changes to your website or landing pages, based on testing, for the purpose of increasing conversions?... changes to the copy and messaging, page layout and design, placement of your offer and call-to-action?

If your business is like the overwhelming majority, your website hasn't been touched since you announced the launch of your 'awesome new site' months (or years) ago.

Think about it: If we can increase your conversions by just 2%, from the average 2% up to just 4%, it might not seem like a lot but that improvement will have doubled the revenue from your website visitors. That said, at Sizzling Digital a conversion isn’t just a click, an email address or a phone call. We don’t consider it a conversion until it becomes a sales appointment.

Collecting a bunch of emails and getting a lot of visitors to grab your free download don’t mean anything to your bottom line. Conversion isn't the end goal. Lead generation isn't the end goal. The end goal is sales appointments.

Conversion on Steroids

Visitors who convert are great, but we also chase down those who don't.

Boom. Next Level Leads.

If the average conversion rate is only 1-2%, what happens to the other 98%? For most companies, they’re just lost prospects - the ones that got away.

That's not good enough: We take it two steps further and use sophisticated technology that looks at the IP addresses of your website visitors and we actually identify exactly what companies have visited your website, even if they didn’t leave their contact information (you know, the 98% that get away).

Then we combine that information with our lead generation technology to identify the key, human decision makers at each of those companies, along with their contact information, and introduce those leads into our automated outreach campaign.

So instead of just losing the vast majority of prospects who have visited your website and shown purchase intent, we track them down and reclaim them, starting a relationship that builds trust and ultimately nurtures them to a sales appointment.

We're Experts At This Stuff:

How We Do It

When it's time to

The Sizzling Digital Process

Step 1: Start the Sizzle

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I'll spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Month 1 setup goes WAY beyond the necessary onboarding stuff, like fixing usability and SEO issues with your site, properly configuring your Google Analytics and beginning the creation of your ads and content.

We take the time in Month 1 to build the foundation for massive results by thoroughly identifying your ideal Customer Profile (some people call it a Customer Persona or Customer Avatar). We do this by looking at any great reviews and testimonials you already have from your happiest and most profitable customers first.

Then we reach out to your customers to find out, in their own words, exactly why they purchased from you, why they stay with you, and what their pain points were at the time of their purchase decision.

This research becomes the blueprint for your messaging going forward. Using the exact language of your best customers is incredibly powerful because it resonates perfectly with other prospects just like them (the ones you want to attract).

When all of your communication, from the content on your website to your ad copy, emails and social media posts speak DIRECTLY to prospects who have the same needs and pain points as your best customers, it's like reading their minds.

Step 2: Turn Up the Heat

Nothing is perfect from the start. If you do the same things every month, without testing and refining, you can't grow.

After the proper foundation is built in Month 1, we start building your dream prospect list, discovering up to 2,500 new targeted prospects every month on LinkedIn, through 20+ advanced search filters for 800+ Million LinkedIn users. We prioritize companies based on size, growth, industry, revenue, geography, keyword and many other variables, and we uncover key decision makers based on those preferences.

Next, we create hyper-personalized outreach campaigns on LinkedIn as well as through prospects' email inboxes. Sizzling Digital's software and process is the only platform (we know of) that can find and verify prospect email addresses across the internet AND intelligently incorporate them into an automated outreach of LinkedIn InMails, Connection Requests, Direct Messages and Follows.

Turning up the heat also involves launching all other channels in your campaign as well, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, SEO, blog posts and other content on your website, along with your paid advertising and retargeting.

We use what works best, then rinse and repeat, monthly A/B testing your ads to increase clicks, and your email marketing subject lines and body content to improve opens and clickthroughs. Improving conversions by even just a few percent every month, compounds into major growth over a year.

"Jonathan Rockett is a sorcerer. He and his team not only have the know-how, but the VALUES we feel comfortable with. They have been there at every turn, propelling us toward victory after victory - It feels like they are part of our company, rooting for us to succeed."
Michael Monroe, Great Sky Solar

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