Reputation and Review Management

92% of customers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review

Why are online reviews so powerful?

1) Reviews boost your SEO rankings and PPC efforts

Your customers are part of your marketing engine. They strengthen your SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing initiatives by making you more visible online. This tells Google that you are an active and important presence in your industry, which boosts your rankings so more prospects see you.

2) Reviews positively impact your customers' purchase decision

74% of people trust a business more if it has positive reviews, and 92% of customers are more likely to make a purchase decision after reading a trusted review. In today's Internet landscape, checking reviews has become almost like muscle memory. Prospects simply expect to see reviews on a company they are checking out. When they don't see any reviews they are much more skeptical, even if only subconsciously.

3) Reviews provide valuable insights into your customers' needs

When we find out from your customers (in their own words) exactly why they purchased from you, why they stay with you, and what their pain points were at the time of their purchase decision, we create the blueprint for your messaging going forward. Using the exact language of your best customers is incredibly powerful because it resonates perfectly with other prospects just like them (the ones you want to attract).

We take care of your entire review process...

Soup to Nuts.

We get you reviews on the sites that matter to your business

Collecting new reviews has never been easier. We automatically send your customers to top review sites to share their feedback. We reach customers at the ideal moment, and can automatically send review requests, for example, after an invoice is paid. We can also send reminders days or weeks later to catch all the stragglers.

We automate the process of notifying you when you get them

Our online dashboard allows you to see all review activity on one place, so there's no tedious checking in on a dozen websites and review platforms. Our system can be set up to send you instant notifications of new reviews via email or even text message. We can send a summary daily, weekly or monthly, or we can just notify you of negative reviews you would want to be aware of. It's up to you.

We dummy-proof responding to them if needed, no matter the source

We collect new reviews on sites that matter to your business and get more customers by leveraging feedback from over 250 online review sources. You can view all your reviews in our interactive dashboard and filter them by rating, time period or source to identify which areas and sites need attention, and which reviews might need you to post a response.

We display great reviews on your website

We showcase your best reviews on your website to convert more site visitors into customers, and we post your reviews on third-party sites, on your company website and your social media profiles. This spreads great testimonials across the web.

We automate review responses

Access to customer reviews, from every source, across every touchpoint, from one place. With automated responses based on custom rules. You can stay focused on your business and still promptly respond to reviews.

We provide automatic spam and slander detection

Reviews with spam, slander, and other violations are automatically parked within your dashboard to keep your online reputation fresh and clean. Our Review management platform allows you to organize mountains of feedback with one click. Tag and ticket multiple reviews to solve more problems in less time.

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