Good SEO is the Backbone of Digital Marketing

The most valuable online marketing for your business involves getting found easily in search engines like Google. Paid search ads are great, and a valuable part of a complete digital marketing strategy, but the vast majority of clicks on a search engine results page (SERP) go to the organic (unpaid) listings. This is where the ongoing work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in...

86% of our clients get on the 1st Page of Google within 6 months.

When done correctly, SEO Content Marketing can cost 62% less than traditional marketing, while generating 3X the leads.

With over 10 years of experience and a data driven approach to SEO, we’re able to deliver lasting and consistent results. Since search engine optimization is a marathon and not a sprint, we focus on earning higher ranks that will stand the test of time. We don’t cut corners and neither should you. Nothing is more important than your reputation!

72% of people searching for a B2B company begin on a search engine.

71% of B2B buyers say they read blog content during the buying process.

Websites with a blog have 434% more ranked pages than those that don’t.

Only 50% of B2B websites are properly optimized and mobile responsive.

Only 32% of B2B marketers have an SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

B2B websites with active blogs receive 4x more leads than sites that don't.

What's Involved With SEO?

Publishing Great User Content Often

One of the best ways to earn those coveted top Google rankings is to continually produce fresh and useful content on your website. Posting new content is crucial to earning top Google ranks, so we develop a strategic content posting schedule that shows Google your business is active and frequently putting out valuable content that will benefit searchers. Our writers and editors will create and update high-quality SEO optimized content on your website every month, focused on the keywords we are working on getting you ranked for. All of the content we publish on your website strives to find the perfect balance between great user reading experience and important elements Google looks for to rank the page well.

Optimizing Content 'Under the Hood' Too

Success with website content isn’t just about improving what your prospects see directly on your website. Meta Titles & Descriptions, for example, are 'under the hood' content about your website that your prospects see on the Google Search Results Page, rather than on your website itself, like your elevator pitch about your website. We optimize this 'under the hood' content to maximize rankings and click-throughs to your website, and the required ongoing technical SEO is a process of continuously optimizing what search crawlers find under the hood, how fast your site loads, menu structure, user experience, how well it functions on mobile devices and more. Having a clear and well-defined purpose for each page is critical to SEO success, guided by keyword-focused titles, H1 tags, image alt tags, sitemaps, robot txt files and many other 'under the hood' elements.

Building a Backlink Strategy

Every month we work on acquiring high quality backlinks from blogs and websites focused on topics relevant to your industry and our campaign. We do this, among other ways, by creating valuable content that gets published across the internet (off your website), with links back to your website. When other high-ranking websites relevant to your industry and content link to your website it shows Google that your site is valuable and relevant in your industry, which leads to higher rankings and more traffic. Our methodology is 100% 'White Hat' (no shady techniques for shortcutting) and 100% manual (no bots or automated software, just humans), so it can often take up to 45 days before the first backlinks are acquired and visible. The payoff is huge though, because ranking high in Google generates (free) repeat traffic that lasts and lasts.

Optimizing Local Listings & Google Maps

Getting easily found on Google for location-specific search terms (like 'commercial cleaning companies new york') requires additional work. Our experts start by creating your Google My Business profile, and then strengthen your online presence through other listing creations. Working on your brand, we add schema elements and use the data highlighter application so search engines can have a better understanding of your content and display important contact information such as location, phone, email and operating hours, right in the search results. Being in the local maps pack is one of the best ways to improve local lead flow. We build and optimize brand citations and listings all across the web to improve local search exposure.

Tracking Inbound Calls to Know Their Source

Did you know phone leads are 10-15 times more likely to convert? If they’re not part of your digital strategy, you’re potentially leaving a lot of money on the table. We use call tracking tools that leverage dynamic phone numbers and extensions to monitor how many calls each of your marketing channels is generating. Phone leads are the most difficult leads to attribute to a source. Sure, you can ask the prospect "Where did you hear about us?" but often they don't remember and it's difficult to get a concrete answer out of them. They might reply "I saw you on Google." But that doesn't help us much when it comes to determining the ROI of your various channels - Did they see a Google search ad? Did they see you in the organic search results on Google? Were they redirected to your website via a banner add on another website as part of a Google website retargeting display campaign? Or they might reply "I learned about you on LinkedIn." But did they pick up the phone when you sent them a direct message, or did they see an article you posted on your LinkedIn company page, or open a message they received from you via LinkedIn InMail? You get the idea. Knowing exactly where every lead is coming from is crucial to determining the ROI of each marketing channel and knowing how to continually improve your campaign.

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