A Crossword Puzzle of Marketing Terms!

How well do you know digital marketing terms?

Digital Marketing is one of those industries FULL of jargon and acronyms. While it's true that digital marketing is very specialized, often difficult, and definitely labor-intensive, marketing agencies love to throw around as many fancy terms as possible to sound extra smart and show just how much more they know than you.

Because of this, business owners are often intimidated when talking with marketing folks, and are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. When you're not educated and armed with knowledge of marketing concepts and terminology it's very difficult to hold your marketing agency accountable, question their methods and results, or even know exactly what it is you are paying them to do.

Well, at Sizzling Digital we love to play games, and they're a great way to learn new things, so we created a crossword puzzle of digital marketing terms you should know!

Hey, it's not that often you get to play a game or do a puzzle on 'company time', but learning these important digital marketing terms can be a big help in growing your business...

So let's find out how many you really know!

Even Better...

If you complete it, we'll give you a FREE MARKETING STRATEGY SESSION ($200 value), in which we'll take an inside peek at what your competitors are doing to get customers you could be getting, and find some actionable steps you can take right away to capture more qualified leads and convert them into sales appointments.

Ready to test your knowledge of digital marketing terms? Let's go!

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