Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 91% of sites ranking on Page 1 of Google have a highly active social media presence? Combining social media marketing with your SEO campaign can have a dramatic effect on your website’s search rankings.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends, and maintaining a regular posting schedule is time-consuming. If you’re like most small businesses, time is generally in short supply.

We don’t have to tell you why social media is important. In today’s economy the vast majority of prospects make a purchase decision based, at least in part, after checking out a company on social media, and reading reviews and opinions. Being active on Social Media means you are present and ready to serve your customers wherever they spend time online.

The B2B community is among the most engaged and active in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn... This should really remind us that B2B is really just P2P: 'Businesses' don't buy, 'People' buy. And they're not buying from your company, they are buying from YOU.

Social Media is an effective channel for reaching B2B buyers, because it gives you access to them where they enjoy spending time... You are making an impression on them when they are in a relaxed frame of mind, ready to consume content, rather than sitting at their desk in 'work' mode with a million other things to do, bombarded by 'sales' communications.

In the interest of intercepting prospects across multiple different channels and establishing your brand as an active and authoritative voice in your industry, a healthy and active social media campaign is a powerful way of multiplying efforts to keep you in front of prospects, wherever they are.

Sizzling Digital researches, curates and creates social media posts every day for your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels... all linking prospects to your website which, of course, launches a retargeting campaign to continually nurture them back.

Here's an interesting fact about Twitter:

Google recently made a deal with Twitter, that they will start INDEXING tweets! So things you tweet about your company or products and services could actually be found in Google Search results for related search terms.

Social Media is creative.

Social Channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow more creative options for presenting your brand and services. Prospects are much more likely to stop and consume your content on those social channels, because that's what they are already accustomed to doing on those channels, and they are already on them across other areas of their lives already.

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